Avid planning…the right approach to our Asia travels?

22 Mar

We are off to South East Asia in less than 3 months now!! Just got a small matter of passing my finals to get out of the way first 😀 We’re very excited as it is our first trip out of Europe and the longest trip that we have gone on so far! I’m an avid planner…I always want to make sure that we stay in the best hostels, use the best companies, never miss anything! This worked out really well for us when we spent a month travelling around Europe last year..but I’m wondering whether it is the right approach to take to Asia. I wonder if perhaps things will be less predictable? Are trains going to come like clockwork? Is everything going to cost as much as I plan? Somehow I think that travel may not be as easy as in Europe!

However I have to admit that I still have a very planned route, an itinerary I’d like to stick to, a list of activities I want to do and a list of hostels I wish to stay in. I guess it’s hard to shake old habits, especially when they work so well for you in the past! Maybe this trip will change that though! Whatever happens I’m very excited to be visiting Asia so soon!!

Ciara 🙂


One Response to “Avid planning…the right approach to our Asia travels?”

  1. patrick March 22, 2010 at 3:19 pm #

    Asia can shock at first. But after a few days you’ll understand the… natural flow of life.

    You mention transport: you’ll need to be patient. the idea of time (with the exception of, maybe, China where I haven’t been) is different from what we are used to.

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