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Favourite European city? Krakow?

13 Mar

A lot of people are surprised when I mention that my favourite city in Europe is Krakow. For many it is off the radar, pushed to the side in favour of the better known, easier accessible Western European cities.  As much as I love cities like Paris and Barcelona I found that Krakow offered something different. It has such a great charm, such a small town was the perfect place to launch our one month trip around Europe.

We spent five days there in total last June and I am already looking at going back. It has a beautiful main square typical of most European cities. The difference is that it is actually affordable to sit and eat an ice cream or relax with a cocktail in one of the square’s many cafes and enjoy the great people watching opportunities. Poland is not yet in the euro zone so it is very affordable. We lived like Kings on our tiny budget, enjoying traditional Polish meals, desert and wine for the equivalent of €10 between us. That kind of value is unbeatable and the cheap prices allowed us to really relax and enjoy the holiday more. We were able to avoid resorting to a staple diet of McDonald’s like we are forced to in some European cities for the sake of our budget! Krakow has a fascinating if tragic history which we explored through walking tours around the city. We packed a lot into our five days and I’ll be posting about how we spent our time there and about the best hostel ever (seriously!) in the next few weeks.

Ciara 🙂

Enjoying cheap, delicious ice cream on Krakow's main square!